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The Development of PRO (Pressure Retarded Osmosis)

PRO atau Pressure retarded osmosis merupakan salah satu sumber energi alternatif yang potensial ke depannya. Saya kutip satu tulisan dari “The Energy Daily” tentang perkembangan PRO terkini.


Norwegian utility Statkraft AS earlier this month announced plans to open the world’s first osmotic power plant, which when completed will generate renewable energy derived from pressure differentials caused by the net movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane separating two solutions of salt and fresh water.

In the culmination of the utility’s more than 10 years of research into osmotic technology, Statkraft’s planned facility is scheduled to open at Tofte, a coastal town near Oslo, on November 24. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway will be present to launch the power plant, initially planned as a prototype, Statkraft said in an October 7 statement.

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